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Dipl.-Geograph Markus Lahr

Fachbereich Wirtschaft, Informatik, Recht

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List of publications of Dipl.-Geograph Markus Lahr (8)

2021 | Book chapter/section | published
Role and Impact of Maker Spaces in Universities Third Mission: The ViNN:Lab Case
Dana Mietzner, Markus Lahr (2021)
In New Perspectives in Technology Transfer. FGF Studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. (pp. 89-105). Springer Cham.: Springer International Publishing.
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2017 | Journal article | open access
Think, Make, Share – Die Rolle von Makerspaces an Hochschulen
Dana Mietzner, Markus Lahr (2017)
Synergie : Fachmagazin für Digitalisierung in der Lehre. 4, 24-27.
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2016 | Conference contribution | published
Maker Movement as a Path of Digital Transformation? Current Understanding and How It May Change the Social and Economic Environment
Frank Hartmann, Markus Lahr, Dana Mietzner (2016)
Foresight Abstracts : Second Annual International Conference on Foresight, 20-23 June 2016, Athens, Greece (pp. 29-30). Athen: Athens Institute for Education and Research
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2014 | Conference contribution | published
Creative Labs as Nucleus for Innovation Processes
Markus Lahr (2014)
The proceedings of the ISPIM Americas Innovation Forum (pp. k.A.).
2013 | Journal article | open access
Innovation Hub als Nukleus regionaler Entwicklung
Frank Hartmann, Dana Mietzner, Markus Lahr (2013)
Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2013. 2013, 133-137.
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2013 | Journal article | open access
Creative Labs in offenen Innovationsprozessen
Markus Lahr (2013)
Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2013. 17, 138-142.
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2013 | Conference contribution | published
Creative Labs in Open Innovation - Types and Functions
Markus Lahr (2013)
Entrepreneurship research - discussing today the awareness of tomorrow (pp. 20-32). Münster: Verlagshaus Monsenstein und Vannerdat OHG
2013 | Conference contribution | published
The Development of Innovation Hubs - A Case Study Approach
Dana Mietzner, Frank Hartmann, Markus Lahr (2013)
Proceedings of the Scientific Conference "Challenges for Analysis of the Business and the Economy" in 2012 : collection of academic papers published in the context of the academic conference (pp. k.A.). Meckenheim: DCM Druckcenter