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COMBLE: European Community of Integrative Blended Learning Experts

COMBLE: European Community of Integrative Blended Learning Experts
The COMBLE project defines new and innovative models for the use of Blended learning in different educational backgrounds (vocational training, enterprises, universities, public bodies). To use the potentials of Blended learning a European wiki-based community called Methopedia will be established. By contributing to the development of Blended learning COMBLE supports ICT relevant methods that are indispensable for lifelong learning in Europe. Moreover, COMBLE will address to management-level, learners and trainers at the same time. We will develop a number of products - an applied reference model of Blended Learning, an expert course for trainers, and a European Blended Learning Driver’s Licence within the overall frame of the Methopedia. These products support the development of a community for best practices and the use of Blended Learning to be used in all educational contexts. Moreover, the quality of education and training in Europe will be enhanced by improving innovative Blended Learning concepts. COMBLE supports the successful implementation of Blended learning methods and strategies in the formal learning context of Vocational training, Continued Professional Development and Higher education systems. By working closely with application partners COMBLE develops practical, situated and innovative Blended Learning methods.
Publication type:
Journal article
Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2008
Document status:
Open access
Niemczik, C., Brenstein, E., & Scholl, M. (2008). COMBLE: European Community of Integrative Blended Learning Experts Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2008. 13, 87-93.
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