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An indoor localization system using active RFID technology

An indoor localization system using active RFID technology
In 2009 the „icampus Wildau“ project started at the Technical university of applied sciences in Wildau. It is a project mainly driven by students of the Telematics course under the guidance of prof. Dr. Janett mohnke. The main goal is to set up a mobile and multilingual on-campus-information system, providing visitors, students and employees a quick and clear overview of the facilities of the different university domains as well as information about special events. Besides highlights in the field of software development such as programming smartphone and rich internet applications, the icampus project team develops and evaluates an indoor localization system in the university’s library that is based on active RFID technology, working in the 2.4GHz ISM-band and opensource software, namely “openbeacon”. Reaching the main target, which is stabilization of localization results and universal usage in almost every critical constructional area, is achieved by the adaptation of the RFID tag’s firmware and the further development of localization algorithms. Detailed descriptions from the hardware and software side as well as a discussion of the perspective of this technology will be made in this paper.
Publication type:
Journal article
Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2013
Document status:
Open access
Bolle, T., Rohrlack, C., Meriac, M., & Mohnke, J. (2013). An indoor localization system using active RFID technology Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2013. 17, 67-71.
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