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Raising Information Security Awareness in the Field of Urban and Regional Planning

Raising Information Security Awareness in the Field of Urban and Regional Planning
Information technology is being increasingly used in most areas of life. With the Internet of Things (IoT) this technology is set to be in a state of continuous evolution in urban and regional settings. However, the ongoing development of digitalization processes also increases the possibilities of abuse—both at the technical and interpersonal level. Therefore, better information security awareness (ISA) and knowledge about the dangers that accompany digitalization and the corresponding protec-tive measures are important in private and work life, where the “human factor” is often seen as the weakest link in the chain. However, we should also be aware that knowledgeable human beings are a strong security and safety barrier in smart-city development. Moreover, ISA is often overlooked. Training the relevant awareness and skills cannot happen early and often enough and should also be included in urban and regional planning for citizens. The paper thus provides a review of the scien-tific literature of leading academic journals in the area of IS over the past decade and the transfer of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Technological solutions alone are not sufficient to ensure information security (IS): the human side of security will also be a very important factor in safeguarding our lives in the smart cities of the future. Game-based learning is increasingly being viewed as an effective teaching and learning method, especially as a means to stimulate motivation and changes of behaviour. The paper presents Serious Games for a whole range of opportunities and challenges accompanying digitalization as a way to achieve a deeper understanding of how to promote sustainable ISA using creative methods. Furthermore, ideas of how to apply the Fun Theory and its practice to integrate awareness into modern urban and regional planning will be discussed.
Publication type:
Journal article
International Journal of E-Planning Research
Document status:
Smart cities, urban and regional planning, cyberattacks, information security awareness, security sensitization, analogous/digital game-based learning scenarios, awareness training design, the Fun Theory
Scholl, M. (2019). Raising Information Security Awareness in the Field of Urban and Regional Planning International Journal of E-Planning Research. 8 (3), 62-86.
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