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2017 | Journal article | open access
Spatiotemporal and molecular epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Libya
Ahmad Amro, Hamida Al-Dwibe, Aisha Gashout, Olga Moskalenko, Marlena Galafin, Omar Hamarsheh, Marcus Frohme, Anja Jaeschke, Gabriele Schönian, Katrin Kuhls (2017)
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. 11 (9), e0005873.
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2012 | Journal article | open access
Integrated pathway modules using time-course metabolic profiles and EST data from Milnesium tardigradum
Daniela Beisser, Markus Alexander Grohme, J. Kopka, Marcus Frohme, Ralph O. Schill, Steffen Hengherr, Thomas Dandekar, G. W. Klau, M. Dittrich, Tobias Müller (2012)
BMC Systems Biology. 6 (6), k.A..
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2016 | Conference contribution | published
Miniaturized Flow-Through Bioreactor for Processing and Testing in Pharmacology
Andrea Böhme, Lars Radke, Felix Schütze, Sylvio Schneider, Thilo Liebscher, Sabine Sauer, Loredana Santo, Fabrizio Quadrini, Michael Hummel, Christoph Giese, Marcus Frohme, Andreas Foitzik (2016)
THERMEC 2016 : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 9th International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials (pp. 236-243). (Materials Science Forum (Volume 879))
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2015 | Journal article | published
Time-dependent expression and activity of cytochrome P450 1s in early life-stages of the zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Jennifer Bräunig, Sabrina Schiwy, Oliver Brödel, Yvonne Müller, Marcus Frohme, Henner Hollert (2015)
Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 22, 16319-16328.
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2019 | Conference contribution | published
LED-based portable light source for photodynamic therapy
Oksana Chepurna, Anna Grebinyk, Yulia Petrushko, Svitlana Prylutska, Sergii Grebinyk, Valeriy Yashchuk, Olga Matyshevska, Uwe Ritter, Thomas Dandekar, Marcus Frohme, Junle Qu, Tymish Y. Ohulchanskyy (2019)
Proceedings of SPIE : Optics in Health Care and Biomedical Optics IX (pp. 111901A).
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2013 | Journal article | open access
Characterization of genome methylation patterns in the desert locust Schistocerca gregaria
C. Falckenhayn, B. Boerjan, G. Raddatz, Marcus Frohme, L. Schoofsand, F. Lyko (2013)
Journal of Experimental Biology. 216 (8), 1423-1429.
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2017 | Journal article | open access
Hinge-initiated Primer-dependent Amplification of Nucleic Acids (HIP) – A New Versatile Isothermal Amplification Method
Jens Fischbach, Marcus Frohme, Jörn Felix Glökler (2017)
Scientific reports. 7, 7683.
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2017 | Journal article | open access
Alizarin Red S for Online Pyrophosphate Detection Identified by a Rapid Screening Method
Jens Fischbach, Qiuting Loh, Frank F. Bier, Theam Soon Lim, Marcus Frohme, Jörn Felix Glökler (2017)
Scientific Reports. 7, 45085.
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2015 | Journal article | open access
Shining a light on LAMP assays— A comparison of LAMP visualization methods including the novel use of berberine
Jens Fischbach, Nina Carolin Xander, Marcus Frohme, Jörn Felix Glökler (2015)
Biotechniques. 58 (4), 189-194.
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2012 | Journal article | open access
Transcriptome analysis in Tardigrade species reveals specific molecular pathways for stress adaptations
Frank Förster, Daniela Beisser, Markus Alexander Grohme, Chunguang Liang, Brahim Mali, A. M. Siegl, Julia C. Engelmann, Alexander Shkumatov, Elham Schokraie, Tobias Müller, Martina Schnölzer, Ralph O. Schill, Marcus Frohme, Thomas Dandekar (2012)
Bioinformatics and Biology Insights. 6, 69-96.
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2011 | Journal article | published
Bioinformatics identifies tardigrade molecular adaptations including the DNA-j family and first steps towards dynamical modelling
Frank Förster, Daniela Beisser, Marcus Frohme, Ralph O. Schill, Thomas Dandekar (2011)
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research. 49 (Supplement s1), 120-126.
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2016 | Journal article | open access
Standardization and quality management in next-generation sequencing
Philipp Franke, Marcus Frohme, Jörn Felix Glökler, Christoph Endrullat (2016)
Applied and Translational Genomics. July, 2–9.
THpub | DOI | URL
2009 | Journal article | open access
Tardigrade workbench: comparing stress-related proteins, sequence-similar and functional protein clusters as well as RNA elements in tardigrades
Marcus Frohme, Frank Förster, Chunguang Liang, Alexander Shkumatov, Daniela Beisser, Julia C. Engelmann, Martina Schnölzer, Tobias Müller, Ralph O. Schill, Thomas Dandekar (2009)
BMC Genomics. 10, k.A..
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2006 | Journal article | published
Stimulated Expression of mRNAs in Activated T Cells Depends on a Functional CRM1 Nuclear Export Pathway
Marcus Frohme (2006)
Journal of Molecular Biology. 358, 997-1009.
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2003 | Journal article | published
Late ischemic preconditioning of the myocardium alters the expression of genes involved in inflammatory response
Marcus Frohme (2003)
FEBS Letters. 547, 51-55.
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