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2017 | Conference contribution | published
Simulation and visualization to support material flow planning in a metal construction company
Gaby Neumann, Thomas Masurat (2017)
19th International Conference on Harbor, Maritime and Multimodal Logistics Modeling and Simulation (HMS 2017) (pp. 172-178).
2016 | Conference contribution | published
Speeding up the Learning Curve! An Approach to Foster Interpersonal and Intraorganisational Knowledge Sharing in Logistics Competence Development
Gaby Neumann, Thomas Masurat (2016)
In E. Tomé, International Conference “Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy”, Lisbon/Portugal, 786-802.
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2014 | Book chapter/section | published
Knowledge management in logistics industry organizations
Gaby Neumann, Eduardo Tomé (2014)
In Handbook of Research on Knowledge Management. (pp. 173–188). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub.
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2014 | Journal article | open access
E-Learning-based competence development in logistics
Gaby Neumann, Michael Müller, Rudi Köhler (2014)
Wissenschaftliche Beiträge 2014. 18, 59-69.
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2013 | Conference contribution | open access
E-learning based competence development in logistics software application for simulation and visualization
Gaby Neumann (2013)
In Rekdalsbakken, W.; Bye, R.T.; Zhang, H. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation (pp. 644–649). Ålesund: ECMS
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2012 | Book chapter/section | published
Requirements and Solutions for a More Knowledgeable User-Model Dialogue in Applied Simulation
Gaby Neumann, Juri Tolujew (2012)
In A. Byrski, Z. Oplatková, M. Carvalho, M. Kisiel-Dorohinicki (Eds.), Advances in Intelligent Modelling and Simulation. Studies in Computational Intelligence. (pp. 1-26). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer.
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